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What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy uses chains of amino acids known as peptides to stimulate or regulate natural processes and biological functions. Specific peptides signal the secretion of particular hormones. This means that by introducing these peptides, it is possible to trigger biological processes and the production of crucial hormones. Peptide therapy can be used for many purposes, including building natural muscle and improving strength.

What is Muscle Building Peptide Therapy?

Muscle building peptide therapy may include several types of peptides intended to help patients build muscle and improve their strength. Peptide therapy can be used to increase muscle mass or promote fat loss, allowing patients to reach body composition and strength training goals. This is often a healthier option compared to use of anabolic steroids or other drugs. Some examples of muscle building peptides include:

  • CJC 1295
  • Ipamorelin
  • Follistatin 344
  • IGF 1
  • Tesamorelin

In many cases, patients will be recommended a combination of peptides tailored to their specific goals and health needs. During a consultation with our peptide therapy experts, you can learn more about the specific peptides that will help you build muscle.

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I am new to the area. I have been treated by all three providers at Hybrid. All were very professional and extremely efficient, as well as personable. I was relieved that I didn\'t need to search out multiple doctors for my varied issues; their staff is very well rounded. They acted as doctors of the body and mind, and I appreciated it.

I have had an excellent experience at Hybrid Medical Solutions. My new patient panel was very extensive and gave excellent insight to my health. I have seen all 3 providers and the each have made me feel comfortable and cared for. The staff was attentive, welcoming and very courteous. I would highly recommend this practice.

First visit to the office. Everyone was friendly. Liked the Doctor very much!

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Who Can Benefit from Muscle Building Peptide Therapy?

Many patients can benefit from muscle building peptide therapy. Athletes such as body builders may choose the treatment to help support their training goals, building natural muscle and reducing fat in a healthy and effective manner. However, muscle building peptides may be prohibited by some sports organizations, so it is important for athletes to check regulations before pursuing the treatment. Muscle building peptide therapy may also be appropriate for patients who see decreased strength as a result of the natural aging process. Finally, muscle building peptide therapy may be appropriate for those who have been unsuccessful in achieving the body contour or body composition they prefer through diet and exercise alone.

Before your treatment begins, our peptide therapy experts will review your personal health history and goals to determine whether muscle building peptides are a safe and suitable option for you. Prior to your consultation, you should be prepared to share information regarding any medical conditions or allergies you have as well as any medications or supplements that you take. This will help our team determine the best treatment options for you.

The Muscle Building Peptide Therapy Procedure

Muscle building peptides are administered through a series of injections. These injections may be performed in our office or prescribed for home use after careful instruction. Dosages and frequency of injection are adjusted according to each patient’s unique needs and goals for the treatment.

Most patients see improved energy and some results beginning within a few weeks of undergoing muscle building peptide therapy. Full results, including noticeably improved muscle mass and reduced fat, are typically seen within 3-6 months.

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