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At Hybrid Medical Solution, we offer the most proven therapies for our patients. We’re also dedicated to helping advance the field of medical science and participate in many clinical trials designed to expand our understanding of some of the most prevalent diseases and health problems today. If you’re interested in participating in clinical trials, our team can help. We’ve partnered with Excel Medical Clinical Trials, one of the leading conductors of medical clinical trials in the Boca Raton, FL area. We look forward to helping you learn more about clinical trials and how you can help practitioners around the world come to a greater understanding of medical science.

Why Enroll in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are the basis for advancing the field of medicine. Clinical trials use a controlled environment to test for specific things like the effectiveness of a drug, treatment, or therapy. People enroll in clinical trials for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Wanting to try a promising new therapy, drug, or treatment
  • A personal connection (such as a friend or loved one) to the condition being studied
  • A desire to help advance our understanding of certain fields of medicine

Clinical trials can also be attractive to people because they provide extensive testing, lab work, and examinations for a specific condition or variable. You’ll also be able to interact with leading physicians in the field and learn more about the testing process. If you’re unsure about whether a clinical trial is right for you, our team can help you learn more about what you can expect.

Available Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research applications that are specific to certain health problems or areas of medical science. We are currently enrolling in a number of clinical trials as follows:

Memory and Brain Health

Alzheimer’s disease is a compounding disorder of the brain that eventually results in memory loss and an inability to perform basic tasks. It has a significant impact on patients and their families alike. Because of its prevalence, more research is essential in finding ways to prevent it.

We are looking for patients dedicated to forwarding our understanding of Alzheimer’s and how to prevent it. Qualified participants:

  • Are 65-80 years old
  • Are currently not experiencing memory issues


GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a condition where stomach acid regularly comes into contact with the esophagus, resulting in irritation. Although acid reflux is perfectly common, GERD is a repeated occurrence and can cause significant health problems. Individuals with heartburn or acid reflux are encouraged to apply for our ongoing research study; call today or fill out an online form to see if you will qualify.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the body has difficulty managing sugar levels in the blood. Type 2 diabetes can occur at any time in life, although it’s more common in older adults.

We are enrolling participants interested in type 2 diabetes research. Qualified participants:

  • Are over 18
  • Have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • Are using only a stable treatment of metformin


Diseases that affect the heart and cardiovascular system are a significant, widespread health problem. We are enrolling in a number of cardiovascular clinical trials.

Cardiovascular Risks

There are known risks associated with cardiovascular disease, but more study is needed to understand the widespread impact of cardiovascular risks and how they can be mitigated. Individuals with a known cardiovascular disease are encouraged to apply for our ongoing research study.

Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease

Cardiovascular disease and kidney disease commonly occur together. In fact, if you have kidney disease, you are significantly more likely to get cardiovascular disease. This study explores the relationship between these two chronic health problems. Adult individuals with both medical conditions are encouraged to apply for this clinical research study.

Cardiovascular Event – Heart Attack or Stents

Cardiovascular events are significant, life-threatening occurrences. It’s possible to survive cardiovascular events, but they can have a long-term impact on your overall health. This study looks at the impact of those events and the contributing factors.

We are currently enrolling participants in a study looking at the impact of cardiovascular events like heart attacks or stents. Qualified candidates:

  • Are 18-85 years old
  • Have a history of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD)


High cholesterol levels are another significant and widespread health problem. We are enrolling in clinical trials surrounding cholesterol levels and other related health markers.

High Triglycerides

High levels of triglycerides in the blood, or hypertriglyceridemia, can increase your risk of chronic health problems. Although it may not cause noticeable symptoms at first, it can result in serious complications like heart disease or stroke.

We are currently enrolling participants in a study researching the impact of high triglyceride levels. Qualified candidates:

  • Are over 18
  • Have been diagnosed with or are suspected to have hypertriglyceridemia

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is necessary for your body’s cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease. Deposits of cholesterol in your blood vessels can restrict blood flow, eventually leading to heart attack or stroke.

We are currently enrolling participants in a clinical study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a drug designed to lower cholesterol levels. Qualified candidates:

  • Are over 18
  • Have a family history of high cholesterol and/or cardiovascular disease
  • Have elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol
  • Are taking medications to lower cholesterol such as statins

Cardiovascular Disease and High Cholesterol

The link between high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is well-studied. High levels of cholesterol can significantly increase your risk of heart disease over time, meaning preventive measures are essential to living a long life.

We are currently enrolling participants in a clinical study measuring the safety and effectiveness of a drug designed to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Qualified candidates:

  • Are over 18
  • Have a history of cardiovascular disease
  • Have elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol
  • Are taking medications to lower cholesterol


Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a condition where fat builds up in the liver. It may eventually lead to scarring of the liver, which impacts its function and can cause liver failure. Enrollment is not available for a study on nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). To learn more about candidate qualifications, call today or apply online.


Obesity is associated with a variety of chronic health problems. Weight loss remains a reliable way to reduce your risk of these health conditions, but weight loss can present significant challenges even with the help of a medical professional. If you have been struggling with weight loss, we encourage you to apply for our upcoming research study.

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