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What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids which instruct the body to produce or secrete specific hormones. In doing so, peptides trigger natural bodily functions and can be used to improve a patient’s health and wellbeing or resolve symptoms. Peptide therapy has many uses and has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years thanks to the treatment’s effectiveness, impressive safety standards, and multiple benefits and uses. One of the many uses for peptide therapy is building the immune system.

What are Immune Building Peptides?

Immune-building peptides are used to help improve patients’ natural immunity. These peptides work by releasing hormones that improve immune function, instructing the natural immune cells to kill viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances. Depending on the peptides used, immune-building peptides may increase healthy cell growth, support the destruction of viruses and bacteria, or reduce inflammation.  Through immune-building peptides, patients can effectively strengthen their natural immunity and protect their overall health.

Several peptides may be beneficial for immunity. These include:

  • CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin
  • GHRP 6
  • IGF 1
  • Thymalin
  • Thymosin Alpha 1

The best peptide options will vary for each patient, making it important to schedule a consultation with a professional who can guide you to the best treatment options.

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Very thorough and knowledgeable, focuses on preventive medicine which is rare and much appreciated.

Loved my first experience meeting with Dr. Moraes. He was very thorough and took his time and did not make feel like another number. So happy to found him. He is also our family doctor.

Very diligent and thorough in their care of the patients. My entire family goes here. The PAs are kind and comprehensive in their consultations. Great practice!

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Who Can Benefit from Immune Building Peptide Therapy?

Immune-building peptide therapy may be beneficial for those who have immune deficiency disorders or anyone who is interested in boosting their natural immunity. The treatment can help those with weakened immune systems restore healthy immunity. It is sometimes recommended in the treatment of cancers or viral infections, helping the body naturally fight viruses and other damaging substances. In some cases, immune-building peptide therapy can be beneficial for those with conditions including:

  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic infections
  • Acute injury or surgery recovery
  • Tumors
  • Autoimmune diseases

Before pursuing immune-building peptide therapy for these or other conditions, you should always consult with a doctor who can advise the proper treatment. In many cases, immune-building peptide therapy is recommended alongside another treatment or medication. By using both treatments, patients can often improve their overall results. For example, some patients find that immune-building peptide therapy improves the effectiveness of vaccines against viral infections.

The Immune Building Peptide Therapy Procedure

Immune-building peptides are administered via injection. These injections are typically given in our office, but you may be prescribed at-home injections and given careful instructions to self-administer your peptide therapy. Doses and frequency of injections will vary for each patient. Peptide therapy injections do not require downtime and can be completed quickly. After a consultation, Dr. Moraes will explain expectations for your treatment and a long-term plan.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about immune-building peptide therapy or other peptide therapy options, schedule a consultation at Hybrid Medical Solution. Our team will happily answer any questions you may have about your treatment options and help you determine the best therapy to support your wellbeing. Call our Boca Raton, Florida office or contact us online to set up your first appointment.

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