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At Hybrid Medical Solution, we believe that wellness should incorporate a plan that combines traditional medicine, natural holistic medicine, functional medicine, and lifestyle changes.  It has taken us years to create the protocols we use, and we believe that you will not find another primary care practice that offers anything similar. We have expanded on the typical “four pillars of health” and our core philosophy addresses eight key factors: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Management, Hormone Optimization, Genetics, Brain Protection, and Healthy Social Interactions. 

Our philosophy has always been that fewer medications are preferable and no medications at all would be even better.  Unfortunately, modern medicine utilizes medications because it does not address the underlying causes of different disease states.  By targeting the 8 core foundations of health, we have been able to decrease the number of medications our patients take and, in many cases, eliminate them completely.  The blood work we do in our practice is extensive and unlike any blood work, most patients have been exposed to.  We also utilize cutting-edge therapeutics that are not commonly used by traditional primary care practices.  We believe that the human body is a complex machine that needs to be fine-tuned to run efficiently.  Our bodies have evolved to heal themselves. Our weight loss program has been extremely successful. We currently have patients who travel from all over the country to see us.

Founded by Brian C. Moraes, DO, FASPC, and Deanna Weilbacher, PA-C, Hybrid Medical Solution takes the approach that the body should be treated as a whole entity that works as a single unit to heal itself rather than as individual organ systems. As this practice continues to evolve, we will continue to keep looking at cutting-edge research to provide the best treatments for our patients.

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