Creams for HRT

What is HRT?

Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is a treatment intended to relieve symptoms associated with imbalanced or fluctuating hormone levels. HRT is commonly prescribed for patients who experience symptoms of hormone changes due to aging. Women often receive HRT to restore healthy, stabilized estrogen during menopause, and men often receive HRT to address declining testosterone as they get older. Common symptoms of hormone imbalance or fluctuation may include fatigue, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, and more.

HRT can be administered through several methods. Topical creams are one option which can be a convenient method of HRT for many patients. Using a cream, patients can easily customize the dose of hormones that are absorbed through the skin. This makes the treatment a more flexible option compared to injections or pellet therapy. HRT creams also offer small doses of hormones, which is preferable for some patients.

Who Can Benefit from Creams for HRT?

Many patients who suffer from hormone imbalance may benefit from HRT creams. The treatment is often recommended for women during menopause. HRT cream may be a preferable option for patients who are looking for an easily adjustable and low dosage of hormones.

After a consultation, our team can recommend your best HRT treatment options. Your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, and goals for your treatment will all be considered. Be prepared to answer questions about any allergies, medical conditions, or medications and supplements that you take. This will help our team determine a safe and effective HRT treatment for your needs, whether that is an HRT cream, injection, pellet, or supplement.

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I am new to the area. I have been treated by all three providers at Hybrid. All were very professional and extremely efficient, as well as personable. I was relieved that I didn\'t need to search out multiple doctors for my varied issues; their staff is very well rounded. They acted as doctors of the body and mind, and I appreciated it.

We strive to Improve every patient’s quality of life, be open-minded to all aspects of healthcare and listen to our patients.

Loved my first experience meeting with Dr. Moraes. He was very thorough and took his time and did not make feel like another number. So happy to found him. He is also our family doctor.

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Using HRT Creams

One of the major benefits of HRT creams is that they are incredibly easy to use. Applying HRT creams is more or less the same as applying a moisturizer. Most patients apply the recommended amount of HRT cream to their arms or legs. The cream should be applied once or twice per day after bathing or showering according to your provider’s instructions. Before getting dressed, allow the HRT cream to fully absorb and dry. The hormones within HRT creams will be gradually absorbed into the blood stream through the skin, offering patients relief from their symptoms.

Most patients will start to see results within a few weeks of using HRT creams. In most cases, patients are recommended to try using the creams for three months to see full results. As needed, doses can then be adjusted or patients may try another option such as injections, pellets, or supplements as needed.

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Hormone replacement therapy using creams can be a convenient and effective way to reduce symptoms of hormonal imbalance or fluctuation. To learn more about this option, schedule a consultation with our HRT experts. They will review your symptoms, health history, and goals to determine the best treatment option for you. Call Hybrid Medical Solution in Boca Raton, FL or contact us online to schedule your first appointment.

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