Injections for HRT

What are HRT Injections?

HRT injections are one method of receiving hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone is typically the only hormone administered via this route. The injection method is predominately used by men, and rarely used by women. This involves injecting the intended hormone using an intramuscular injection similar to a vaccination. HRT injections may be performed by a medical professional at Hybrid Medical Solution or self-injected at home after instructions from your treatment team. Injections for HRT can be a good alternative to other treatments such as pellets or creams. During a consultation, one of our providers can help you decide the best hormone replacement therapy treatment plan for your needs and symptoms.

Who Can Benefit from HRT Injections?

Many patients can benefit from HRT injections if they face symptoms of hormone fluctuation or imbalance. This is especially common as patients grow older, men and women experiencing declining testosterone over time. This can lead to a range of symptoms. Appropriate HRT injections can help these patients feel more youthful and find relief from their uncomfortable symptoms.

HRT injections are not patients’ only options. Pellets and creams are also available but may not be preferred by all patients or recommended by your medical team. While pellets administer a continuous dose of hormones they do require periodic visits to the office for insertion. Conveniently, injections can be self-administered at home. Although creams are the simple, needle-free route, patients may find the topicals ineffective or otherwise undesirable.

To ensure that injections for HRT are a safe option for you, be sure to disclose any allergies, medical conditions, or other medications and supplements to your doctor during the consultation process.

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Very thorough and knowledgeable, focuses on preventive medicine which is rare and much appreciated.

I am new to the area. I have been treated by all three providers at Hybrid. All were very professional and extremely efficient, as well as personable. I was relieved that I didn\'t need to search out multiple doctors for my varied issues; their staff is very well rounded. They acted as doctors of the body and mind, and I appreciated it.

Very diligent and thorough in their care of the patients. My entire family goes here. The PAs are kind and comprehensive in their consultations. Great practice!

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The HRT Injection Procedure

The HRT injection procedure is relatively simple. Testosterone is available in pure grape seed or cotton seed oil through compounding pharmacies, which are preferred over other synthetic available forms, and injected using a needle. HRT injections may be either subcutaneous (below the skin) or intramuscular (into the muscle). Your provider will explain the procedure for your HRT injections during your appointment.

Most patients self-inject their hormones at home after receiving in office training from their provider.  Some patients may choose to have their hormones administered in the office by our trained staff.

Most HRT injection patients will notice improvement within about 1-5 days of their first injections. Your provider can explain expectations during a consultation appointment.

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