Emface in Boca Raton, FL

Emface is a new technology that can lift and tighten the face without any needles, incisions, or anesthesia. Reducing signs of aging with completely non-invasive technology, Emface can boost confidence and help your face reflect your youthful energy and wellness. At Hybrid Medical Solution, we now offer this exciting new treatment.

What is Emface?

Emface is a radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy device that stimulates the muscles and deep tissues of the face. Similar to Emsculpt, Emface uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles and build muscle tissue through gentle contractions. At the same time, it administers radiofrequency energy to the deep connective tissues of the skin to promote the production of new collagen. This protein gives your skin its thickness and elasticity, preventing rough skin and wrinkles. Together, these two energy types can lift the facial muscles and associated tissues, creating a more youthful look overall and diminishing dead skin cells.

Who is a Candidate for Emface?

Emface doesn’t require any incisions or downtime, meaning it’s a great option for patients hoping to improve their skin texture and create firmer skin in one effective treatment. It can be a good alternative or adjunct to many other facial treatments that require injections, LED light therapy, or chemical peels. During a consultation with our providers, you’ll discuss your goals for facial treatment and how Emface can help you address your skin concerns like sun damage or hyperpigmentation no matter your skin tone.

“ I am new to the area. I have been treated by all three providers at Hybrid. All were very professional and extremely efficient, as well as personable. I was relieved that I didn\'t need to search out multiple doctors for my varied issues; their staff is very well rounded. They acted as doctors of the body and mind, and I appreciated it. ”

“ Very diligent and thorough in their care of the patients. My entire family goes here. The PAs are kind and comprehensive in their consultations. Great practice! ”

“ First visit to the office. Everyone was friendly. Liked the Doctor very much! ”

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Emface Results

Most patients undergo a series of four treatments spaced one week apart to make their skin smooth. You’ll begin to notice results right away and they will become more apparent as you undergo subsequent treatments. You can return for maintenance treatments as needed to preserve your results no matter your skin type. We recommend wearing a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ and keeping your skin moisturized with vitamin C to maintain your results. Our providers can also help you develop a wellness plan that focuses on anti-aging and a healthy and active lifestyle to promote youthfulness for all skin types along with your Emface results.

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