Supplements for HRT

What are HRT Supplements?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be beneficial for a wide range of patients, particularly those looking to combat signs and symptoms of aging. However, some patients prefer to take a more natural approach to their symptoms, favoring herbal remedies and supplements to find relief. These supplements may also be used in conjunction with another form of HRT to support treatments like BHRT pellets, injections, or creams. With the help of our health and wellness experts, you can find relief from common symptoms of imbalanced hormones using supplements and herbal remedies.

B vitamins

B vitamins, including folic acid, can help patients restore energy levels and encourage the body to produce new, healthy cells.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps the body balance free radicals and antioxidants, resolving a problem known as oxidative stress. During menopause, patients often find that vitamin E supplements help reduce hot flashes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can help improve common menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness or osteoporosis risk by naturally improving hormone regulation.


Omega-3 fatty acids can help improve vaginal dryness symptoms during menopause and, when taken with SSRIs, have been shown to improve depression.

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a flowering plant and herbal supplement. Taking this supplement daily can help decrease hot flashes for women during menopause.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is a common supplement used to improve sleep quality.

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Dong quai

Dong quai has long been in use in traditional Chinese medicine and is believed to act like natural estrogen in the body. This makes it beneficial for patients during menopause.

Chaste tree

Chaste tree berries are believed to have hormone-balancing effects and may be beneficial for patients experiencing symptoms of hormone fluctuation.


Maca is an herbal treatment which can help balance hormone levels, improving sexual function for many patients.

Red clover

Red clover supplements contain isoflavones, which act like natural estrogen. These can be used to help relieve menopause symptoms including hot flashes.


Fresh sage tablets have been shown to minimize menopause symptoms such as hot flashes.

Milk thistle

Like red clover, milk thistle includes isoflavones to mimic estrogen and reduce menopause symptoms.


Ginseng can be used to improve mood and energy.

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is high in healthy fatty acids. This can help to keep the body lubricated, reducing symptoms like vaginal dryness.

Valerian root and hops

Valerian root and hops can each be used as natural sleep aids.


Licorice supplements may help prevent adrenal system fatigue, reducing symptoms like sleep problems, salt or sugar cravings, or tiredness. Some patients may find that it is also beneficial for issues like hot flashes or night sweats.

Who Should Receive Supplements for HRT?

Many patients who are experiencing symptoms of unbalanced hormone levels but are unsure about treatments such as bio-identical hormone therapy may benefit from supplements and herbal treatments. These supplements may also be used to further support BHRT and other treatment options. During a consultation, the best treatment option for your unique needs can be determined.

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