What is InBody?

InBody is a device which measures body composition through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which means that body composition is evaluated by introducing a safe electrical current through the body. Through BIA technology, InBody measures the ratio of water, lean body mass, fat mass, and other components to help patients better understand their body composition. This is beneficial as patients set and work toward weight loss and fitness goals.

Who is a Candidate for InBody?

InBody Test results can be beneficial for many patients. They are more useful and comprehensive for patients who are trying to lose weight or meet fitness goals than factors such as weight alone. Using InBody, patients can better understand their muscle mass, water retention, and other key factors, not just their weight. This allows patients and their medical weight loss teams to make informed decisions regarding their diet, exercise programs, and more.

Benefits of InBody

Other options to test body composition are available, but these rely on general statistics to make estimates to compensate for the lack of technology that InBody offers. InBody uses specific measurements and does not consider generalizations based on age, sex, body shape, or ethnicity. This makes it more accurate and individualized for each patient. You may notice age and gender listed in your InBody results, however, these are used to help you compare yourself against averages and plan for your health and fitness goals rather than measure your body composition.

In addition to this increased accuracy, InBody Tests are painless and can be completed quickly. There is no pinching or other uncomfortable methods of testing necessary for InBody patients.

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The InBody Procedure

To prepare for an InBody Test, you should warm up for at least 20 minutes and remain upright for at least 5 minutes. Use the restroom before your scan, but be sure to maintain normal fluid intake for 24 hours before your appointment. You will then be asked to remove your socks, jacket, and any jewelry or watches. Finally, you should wipe down your hands and feet using an InBody Tissue; this increases conductivity prior to the test.

With this preparation complete, you may step onto the InBody device, aligning your feet with the foot electrodes. At this stage, your weight will be automatically measured. You may then enter your information into the device, including your height and age. After entering your information, you will then grab the handles, keeping your arms straight and placing your thumbs on the electrodes as the device completes scanning.

As soon as the test is complete, your results will be printed. An InBody expert at Hybrid Medical Solution can review the results with you to help you interpret them. As you move forward with your weight loss and fitness goals, you can repeat an InBody Test every 2-4 weeks to measure progress.

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