7 Things to Know about Testosterone Deficiency and Treatment

There are many misconceptions around testosterone and its many medical uses. At Hybrid Medical Solution, we specialize in hormone replacement therapy such as testosterone, and can help you explore the many benefits. Here is what to know about testosterone deficiency and how treatment can improve your day-to-day life.

Testosterone Deficiency is a Clinically Significant Medical Condition

Testosterone deficiency is actually a well-established medical condition that has a significant body of research behind it. In fact, experts agree that it can negatively impact male sexuality, reproductive health, general health, and overall quality of life. It’s thought that testosterone deficiency may contribute to an increased risk of developing diabetes, decreased bone density, cardiovascular concerns, and many other serious health problems.

There Are A Variety of Causes of Testosterone Deficiency

Although there is still much study needed on the causes of testosterone deficiency, there are a number of comorbidities already established, including diabetes and obesity, as well as metabolic syndrome and long-term use of certain medications and drugs. However, there are still some underlying causes of testosterone deficiency that are unknown.

Testosterone Deficiency is a Global Public Health Concern

Testosterone deficiency is not just a problem in the United States. Some data suggest that testosterone deficiency occurs all around the world and in similar prevalence, especially between the United States and Asian countries. Some studies put the prevalence of testosterone deficiency in the United States at between 6% and 30%.

Testosterone Therapy for Men Is Very Effective

Much study has been completed on the benefits of testosterone replacement in men, especially surrounding its effectiveness around sexual function and body mass. In fact, testosterone therapy has been shown to increase muscle mass and decrease fat, which can help supplement lifestyle changes aimed at a healthier body composition.

Testosterone Therapy Works For Men of Any Age

Many people associate testosterone therapy with aging men, but the relationship between low testosterone levels and aging is still not well understood. Young men can benefit from testosterone therapy similarly to aging men – and are just as capable of experiencing testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone Therapy Does Not Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Many people strongly associate cardiovascular disease with men because of its prevalence. However, evidence doesn’t support the idea that cardiovascular disease is caused by higher testosterone levels. In fact, some analyses show that testosterone therapy can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Testosterone Therapy Does Not Increase the Risk of Prostate Cancer

It has been thought that prostate cancer is associated with higher levels of testosterone, but evidence doesn’t support this relationship. Similarly to cardiovascular disease, it may actually be the opposite –low levels of testosterone are associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

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